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Welcome to the Michigan Pawnbrokers Association website. Did you know that more than 75 million people do not have a bank account or credit cards?

In today’s diverse society, many people depend on pawnshops to help them meet their daily financial needs not met by other financial institutions. Our customers represent the working families of America who have an unexpected need for a short term loan. Pawn loans keep the electricity on, rents paid and cars working.

Bargain hunters and pawnshops go hand in hand. A wide variety of pre-owned and new merchandise ranging from musical instruments and appliances to electronics, jewelry and power tools can be found at the neighborhood pawnshop.

Today’s pawnbroker is an entrepreneur operating a single location or a larger company with multiple locations around a city or a state. This growing competitive industry is working hard to upgrade the image of pawnshops and to offer needed services to the public.

When visiting a pawnshop you’re likely to find bright, sophisticated lighting and modern merchandising programs to rival the major discount stores.

Pawnshop employees are trained in the latest customer service skills and sales contests take place like any other retail store.

The association serves it’s membership through legislative advocacy, professional education, industry programs and legal resources. Our members strive to be valued and respected by their communities by taking part in community outreach programs, as well as encouraging and fostering good relationships with law enforcement, state legislators, local government and community leaders.